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About Us

Welcome to Aztlantis, home of the Aztlans. This site is the creation of Marco Lara. Influenced by Aztec, Mayan and Mexicano inspired art, at a young age I wanted to share and promote art to people who love Hispanic culture. The name Aztlantis is a concept theory, that the long lost Atlantis is really Aztlan and that Aztec's and Mayans were really the Atlantians. The meaning of "ATL" means "a body of water, such as a lake, river or ocean".  The meaning of "TIS" is a greek suffix for "of a place". ATLAN-TIS is what the greeks named the Americas. AZTLAN-TIS is what the name really is! Just add the Z!

If you compare "1592 Ortelius Map of the World: Typus Orbis Terrarum" that has South America with Athanasius Kircher map in the 1665 book "Mundus Subterraneus" that has Plato's map of Atlantis you will see the similarities. 

Old maps of America show that the "Americas" is Atlantis or Aztlantis as seen on the Nicolas Sanson Map of 1669. The Aztec's migrated from North America to what is now known as Mexico. The meaning of the name Aztlan is uncertain but one suggested meaning is "Place of Herons" or "Place of Egrets" - the explanation given in the "Cronica Mexicayotl". Aztec or Nahuatl "Aztecatl" meaning "coming from Aztlan" is said to lie somewhere in what is now southwestern U.S. In the 2nd Map below you'll see "Former Residence of the Aztecs" in Utah! 


 america aztlantis

In Utah there is a island called Antelope Island where to this day Herons and Egrets live. On this island is also where the mythological cave where the AZTEC / MEXICA and TOLTECS emerged from, "Place of the 7 Caves" (CHICOMOZTOC). 

 There is evidence in old books that wrote about the Mayans and Aztecs that prove they traveled through North America, down to Central and South America. This is the mythological Atlantis! AZTLANTIS!